Full Programme

7 curated sections

52 films

In the 2021 edition, we have curated 7 curated sections with over 50 films in the selection. The diverse programme ensures representative titles are included across all genres, from student films, to classics, to festival favourites and to box-office hits.

Shanghai Animation Film Studio Retro

The Shanghai Animation Film Studio is one of the oldest and most famous animation studios in the world.

11 classics, from the 1950s to present day, are remastered to 2k quality and presented here (or in the UK) for the first time.

Lou Ye Mini Retro

As one of the most celebrated “Sixth Generation” directors, Lou Ye has been regarded as a “true artist”, an “authentic filmmaker” and a “constant fighter” of censorship. Despite the controversies, he achieved great success both in China and worldwide. He was nominated and won numerous awards owing to his unique editing style and camera movement, as well as his sharp observations and narratives about marginalised people and typical, but often undocumented, social phenomena in China.

Debut Spotlight

After the so-called ‘6 generations’ directors, many amazing independent directors have emerged in Chinese cinema in recent years. This section presents some of the most celebrated of these voices, and their debut, often award-winning, features.

Approaching Reality

This section presents a series of documentaries that focus on different aspects of Chinese culture and society, from family and marriage, to human geography, from minority youth struggle, to a legendary Chinese diaspora actress.

Special Screenings

Two special titles were added to the Season in the last month in response to public demand.

Domestic Hits

For the past few years we have witnessed the rise of the Chinese mega-blockbuster and the seemingly unstoppable rise of the film industry in China. This section presents commercial films, with high production values, that triumphed at the domestic box office.

Hong Kong, Reimagined

The journey of Hong Kong, the stories of its people and the space for re-imagination.

In the past few years, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has appeared frequently in the British news. Despite its unique history with the UK, most British people’s knowledge of Hong Kong is fragmentary.

This curated programme will reintroduce Hong Kong to you. “Hong Kong” was never a fixed identity but a constant negotiation between different belongings. The region’s uniqueness has also inspired filmmakers to travel, to rediscover how Hong Kong has in fact been a crucial hub for connecting Chinese culture with the world.