Chinese Cinema Season

2021 Edition

This is the first edition of Chinese Cinema Season (February 12 – May 12), the biggest online film festival dedicated to Chinese-language cinema. Featuring 52 films in 7 curated sections, 10 themed discussion panels and 15 exclusive Q&As, the 2021 edition is co-presented by Trinity CineAsia, Filming East and UK-China Film Collab.

Mission Statement

In this time of pandemic and show business depression, Chinese Cinema Season aims to showcase the best , often little seen and underrated Chinese language films to film-lovers in the UK and Ireland. Through rebranding (via sections and mini-retrospectives) and revisiting films in an effort to give them new meaning, this 12-week, 3-month film season hopes to enrich people’s lockdown life and enable them to recognise, observe and approach Chinese culture in a fresh way, from different angles and perspectives, both in the past and present, and finally, to satisfy the desire of cinephiles with a sincere love letter to Chinese Cinema.

A love letter to

Chinese-language cinema

About the Organisers

Trinity CineAsia

As an independent distributor since 2006, the Cine Asia label represents the largest catalogue of Chinese films in the UK, including the IP MAN franchise and many films featuring key Asian film luminaries such as Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen and Chow Yun Fat. In the last three years, Trinity Cine Asia has had great success releasing some of the most prominent Chinese films in cinemas, including YOUTH, DETECTIVE CHINATOWN 2, THE EIGHT HUNDRED, WOLF WARRIOR 2, which remains the highest-grossing film in China to date, and more lately Han Han’s PEGASUS and Bai Xue’s acclaimed THE CROSSING. Besides, Trinity released Han Yan’s ANIMAL WORLD for the first time in CIS (Russian Confederation) and Central Asia cinemas in 2018, and recently Vanguard that stars Jackie Chan on the biggest scale.

Filming East

Founded in 2007, the first Filming East Festival is a registered art charity in the U.K., which screens films that reflect the cultural richness and diversity of Chinese speaking regions to promote Chinese language film in the UK and in the West, while providing a platform for Chinese-Western communications and collaboration in the film industries. To date, the festival has screened hundreds of feature films in the UK and has gained an ever-increasing audience, with partners in the film industry and in the press extending across cities in the UK, supporting its successful delivery of film exhibitions and forums.

UK-China Film Collab

The UK-China Film Collab is a unique and rising NPO for the research and practice of modern film diplomacy.

Its founding missions are to to inspire and encourage film related collaboration and debate between the UK and Greater China. The areas it focuses on include co-production, distribution & exhibition, talent development and original project design. As a public facing organisation and facilitator, the UCFC is committed to knowledge transfer, dialogues building, communication improvement, R&D and policy advocacy.